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Empower Yourself with Knowledge: Join our community of late-diagnosed ADHD women and essential oil enthusiasts who believe essential oils can play a complementary part in ADHD symptom management

What You'll Gain From this 

Affordable essential oil education focused on ADHD and emotional well-being
What essential oils support other ADHD co-occurring diagnosis like Anxiety and Depression
Learn essential oil safety, use and more
A supportive community of women who are late-diagnosed or think they may have ADHD
Learn to make your own essential oil blends

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A supportive community of women who are late-diagnosed ADHD who believe that essential oils can be a complement to ADHD management


Weekly classes and Q and A's about essential oils and aromatherapy and how to best use them in your life to support your symptoms.

Ask an Aromatherapist

Ask an Aromatherapist office hours weekly. Ask individual questions about your symptoms and how essential oils can help.

About Jackie

As a late-diagnosed ADHDer, certified aromatherapist and a parent on the ADHD journey, Jackie understands the importance of support and shared knowledge.
Here, we're more than a class - we're a community, exploring the benefits of essential oils together.
To learn more about Jackie, why she started a community for ADHDers and her aromatherapy education follow the link to her about me page below.
Infinite Aromatics LLC
Supporting late-diagnosed ADHD
women with essential oil education
and community.

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